Plumbers in Enon, Ohio

Plumbing problems can happen to anyone, but knowing who to call when they do can make all the difference. Dean’s Plumbing is proud to have been a trusted service provider for the residents of Enon, OH since 1990.

Our comprehensive lineup of service options goes beyond leaky faucets. Our family-owned business can handle anything from installation and maintenance to late-night emergency services.

We employ a team of skilled technicians that have the knowledge and experience to keep your home in top condition year-round. No matter what your plumbing needs may be, we’re here to help!

Drain Cleaning Services

The drains in your home are designed to keep the water flowing. Many homeowners don’t give them a second thought until they clog.

Grease, food particles, and debris can stick to the interior walls of your drains over time. This can cause severe water backups, but it can also create unpleasant odors in a home.

When your drains are slow or clogged, our professional drain cleaning services can help. Ditch the chemicals that can erode drains over time and let our technicians snake the drains thoroughly to ensure that you’ll have clear, clean, and effective water flow going forward.  

Quality Backflow Testing

Customers who have been searching for a “plumber near me in Enon, OH” will find Dean’s Plumbing to be a one-stop-shop for quality backflow testing and solutions. We want to make sure that our customers always have the cleanest drinking water available.

Our technicians are trained to test for leaks and water crossover at compromised connection points. If the backflow test fails, we can deliver efficient repair options immediately.

Complete Faucet Repair

A leaking faucet is a common plumbing issue for households in Enon. While leaky faucets can be frustrating, they can lead to increased water bills over time.

At Dean’s Plumbing, we have the tools on hand to take care of faucet repair in no time at all. Whether you simply need a little maintenance or want to install a brand-new faucet, we can help.

Toilet Repair Services

When things go wrong with toilets, it can be a daunting situation for homeowners. At Dean’s Plumbing, our technicians can tackle repairs or provide a total toilet replacement with confidence.

When you’re faced with a clog, overflow, slow-running toilet, or leaks, it’s important to get the situation handled quickly and effectively. Our trained professionals can repair anything from a broken seal or chains to flappers and fill tubes that are causing issues.

We’re also here to provide homeowners with steps that they can take to avoid problems in the future. We’ll show you where the shutoff valve is and what you can look for in a tank to avoid issues that could cause structural issues over time.

Keeping Garbage Disposals in Good Condition

A garbage disposal can be a helpful fixture in a kitchen. Unfortunately, garbage disposals can have their own clogging issues. When a clog happens, it can affect the surrounding pipes. If you’ve tried resetting the garbage disposal without success, it’s time to call Dean’s Plumbing and let a professional handle your garbage disposal repair.

Keeping the unit in good working order starts with knowing which materials should NEVER go down the garbage disposal. Lesser-known products that can cause clogs include coffee grounds, fruit peels, eggshells, seeds, and animal bones.

Sump Pump Repair

A well-functioning sump pump will efficiently move water away from a home towards a designated well or storm drain. Typically, problems with flooding happen when sump pumps are clogged, frozen, or simply overwhelmed by the capacity of water flowing through.

A DIY sump pump repair is never a good idea. Let the trained technicians at Dean’s Plumbing put their knowledge and specialized tools to work to repair your sump pump. If you’re faced with a sump pump that’s overworked, we can also outfit your home with a new sump pump that can keep up with all of your water flow demands.

Water Heaters Repairs Done Right

There’s nothing worse than starting your day with the unpleasant surprise of an ice-cold shower. Water heaters are essential to homes, and when things go wrong, it can be helpful to know that a technician is close by.

At Dean’s Plumbing, our team is well-versed in handling the repair and replacement of all types of water heaters. Whether you have a tankless water heater or a more traditional tank-based model, we can help. Hot water in your home is just a phone call away.

The Expert “Plumbers Near Me” in Enon, OH

Don’t let plumbing problems get you down. When you’re looking for a plumber in Enon, OH, to handle repairs, installation, or maintenance services, turn to Dean’s Plumbing. Call us today to see what we can do for you!