Xenia, OH Professional Gas Line Repairs and Installations

A gas line should always be repaired by a professional plumber. If a gas line is installed incorrectly it could cause harm to your family and your home. If you detect the smell of gas in your home then you should immediately contact the fire department or Dean’s Plumbing. The fire department can shut your gas off if there’s an emergency. A plumber can also shut your gas off and make the necessary repairs, and in some cases get an inspection from the County. In a gas leak situation it can be stressful trying to figure out the next steps to take. Dean’s Plumbing is certified and handles these situations often. We can advise you on your options, and pull the necessary permits to get your gas back on as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to install a new gas line to a fireplace, new range, or grill we can help! Our technicians are experienced and install new gas line installations often. We can give you reliable quotes and service you can trust, all in seasonable timing. Call our office today to schedule to have one of our experienced technicians out to your home.