Faucet Repair in Beavercreek, Ohio

You use your faucet very frequently. However, it’s hard to emphasize how vital your faucet is to your home until yours stops working. If your faucet starts to malfunction, you may find yourself at a loss while doing the dishes, protecting your tap, and keeping your home clean.

When it comes to scheduling your faucet repair, don’t get overwhelmed searching for “plumbers near me.” You can always work with the Dean’s Plumbing team. Our team can make a trip out to your home, inspect your faucet, and make sure that all of your pipes are working as they should.

Common Problems with Your Faucet

Your faucet can suffer from all manner of problems, depending on the conditions of your home. Some of the most common include the following:


Leaking faucets are more than just inconvenient. The longer you let a leak sit, the more likely it is that you’ll see a spike in your water bill.

Pinning down the causes behind a leak can be a challenge. If you can’t get your faucet to stop dripping, contact our team. We will inspect both your faucet head and your pipes to determine what kind of faucet repair you need.

Lower Water Pressure

There’s nothing more disappointing than turning on your faucet and having a weak trickle of water drain into your sink. Lower water pressure may not render your faucet completely unusable, but there’s still not much you can do when water refuses to flow through your home.

Your water pressure tends to drop when your aerator or head clogs. Our team can assess the state of your faucet and help you either clean and replace the tip or otherwise invest in faucet repair.

No Flow

What’s worse than a faucet with low water pressure? A tap that doesn’t promote water flow at all. If you turn on your faucet and find that no water leaves the head, call our team immediately. Your values may have sustained damage, as may have the inner workings of your faucet.

Stains or Rusted Parts

Watermarks and rust may not seem like an immediate problem in your home. The longer you let these conditions sit, however, the more likely they can do severe damage to your sink. For example, if you don’t have a rust-proof faucet, encroaching rust can discolor your water and expose your family to unhealthy chemicals. Similarly, rusty water can fill your sink and leave behind water stains that are difficult to remove over time.

If parts of your faucet have started to rust, you can work with our team to replace them. Our team can also recommend some of the best cleaning materials to clear away rust stains and water circles from your sink and counters.

Unusual Noises

Some older faucets are naturally noisier than others. There’s a difference, however, between an inherently noisy faucet and one that’s malfunctioning. If one day, your faucet starts to gurgle, crackle, or shake, you’ll want to turn off the water supply to that head as soon as possible. Your faucet may be making strange noises for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Obstructions
  • Pipe failure
  • Garbage disposal malfunctions
  • Aeration clogs
  • Blocked or damaged water valves

Be sure to let our team know whether or not the faucet continues to make odd noises even when it’s turned off. The extent of the noise will play some role in what kind of faucet repair you need.

Replacing and Maintaining Your Faucet

The Dean’s Plumbing team works to ensure that we address all of the concerns you have regarding your faucet in a brief visit. As such, we can address problems with your:

  • Outdoor faucets
  • Utility faucets
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Touch-based faucets
  • Bathroom faucets

However, you don’t have to wait for something to go wrong with your faucet to reach out for professional input. Our team can make regular visits to your property to ensure that your pipes are in working order. During an annual inspection, we’ll walk you through each of your pipes’ quirks and let you know what kind of damage you may see in the future. We can also fit your home with protective measures designed to limit the impact leaks can have on the stability of your house.

Don’t let a faulty faucet keep you down or drain your pocket. The Dean’s Plumbing team can help with cost-effective and efficient faucet repair inside or outside of your home. To schedule your faucet service, reach out at (937) 372-0821.