Drain Treatment in Beavercreek, Ohio

Over time as particles accumulate, your drains and pipes become less effective. They clog up, and drainage slows or even stops. No big deal—it’s unavoidable, and your local store’s drain-clearing products are a cheap and simple fix, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not true. While store-bought chemical de-cloggers often do take care of the job provisionally, they not only pave the way for more clogs in the long run but also end up costing you a lot more money. In brief, when your drainage starts to slow, you want to call Dean’s Plumbing for professional drain treatment and cleaning.

Why Store-Bought Products Don’t Do the Job

Store-bought products like Drain-O often will clear your pipes using corrosive chemicals to eat through whatever is blocking the way.

Ruining Your Pipes 

The “corrosive” part is the first problem. These chemicals do not discriminate between the mess that’s clogging your pipes and your pipes themselves. Thus, your pipes weaken with these products, holes start to grow, and your plumbing system’s life shortens. In other words, when you reach for the supposedly quick and easy fix offered by store-bought, chemical de-clogging products, you end up costing yourself a lot more in the long run.

With professional drain cleaning and treatment, you lengthen the life of your plumbing. In the long run, this saves you a lot of money and major headaches.

Bad for Your Health

Another thing about store-bought products is that they are downright awful for both human and environmental health. When you use them, you breathe in the toxic fumes, and you can never be sure that you’ve washed all the residue from your pipes. Furthermore, those chemicals need to go somewhere, and more often than not, they end up in the water supply.

When you hire Dean’s Plumbing for professional drain treatment and cleaning, we never use toxic chemicals. In other words, we care about the health of our customers and communities!

Surface-Level Solution

Finally, for the nastiest, most stubborn clogs, store-bought products are nothing more than surface-level solutions. At the same time, they destroy the unclogged portions of your pipes. When they reach the backed-up parts, the corrosive chemicals eat through the center of the mess yet leave its base intact. On the base, new waste builds up, and further blockages form. 

So the chemicals never actually fix the problem. Instead, they just kick the can down the road. When you hire Dean’s Plumbing for professional drain cleaning and treatment, we do what the store-bought products simply cannot. We clear your pipes of all blockages so that they drain like new.

How Professional Drain Treatment and Cleaning Works

At Dean’s Plumbing, we employ a few different methods to clear pipes. Most often, the old, tried-and-true method is best: Drain snaking. 

With drain snaking, an auger (at the end of a long cord) breaks through the clog, obliterating the blockage in its entirety and clearing any other build-ups without damaging your pipes.

Finally, when we do use cleaning agents, Dean’s Plumbing always chooses Bio-Clean. Bio-Clean is a safe, all-natural product made from friendly bacteria that gobble up pipe gunk. 

Why Choose Dean’s Plumbing for Your Professional Drain Cleaning and Treatment

If you Google “plumbers near me,” more than a few names pop up. However, many things make our services and our team of experts unique.

With Dean’s Plumbing, you get family assistance and values alongside proven expertise and the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We are your neighbors, and we know that we work for our community when we work for you. Honesty, integrity, and hard work are our core values, which means we provide each of our customers with the same level of service we provide to our own families.

Furthermore, our plumbers have the experience, training, and track record to set your mind at ease. When you hire Dean’s Plumbing for professional drain treatment and cleaning, you can trust that the person coming to your house has both the know-how and the tools to get the job done. Your pipes are safe with us!