Plumbing Services in Beavercreek, OH

Water Heater Installation 

The water heater that you need will depend on the size of your home, whether you have a municipal gas line installed in your home, and what type of water heater you would prefer. When deciding on what unit to have installed, consider these factors: 

  • An electric-powered water heater is durable and can last you up to 30.
  • An electric unit is also a safer option when considering potential gas and carbon monoxide leaks. 
  • An electric water heater will cost less to install, and the process is easier if it is done by a professional. 
  • A gas-powered water heater will heat your water much faster. 
  • A gas-powered water heater as it is more efficient for larger households. 
  • A gas water heater will cost you less on utility bills. 

Water Heater Maintenance 

When you call Dean’s Plumbing for your water heater maintenance, we will ensure your water heater is running as it should. Here are a few plumbing services that we will do for you: 

  • Your air filters will be cleaned of dirt and dust. This will ensure that your unit does not overwork and get damaged. 
  • Your water filter will also be cleaned to make sure that your water is usable and clean. This filter stops sediment from traveling through your water system. 
  • If you have a tank water heater, your tank will need to be cleaned too. This will ensure that there are no impurities that are getting through your water system. It will also extend the life of your tank. 
  • We will check the system for potential leaks. If you have a leaking water heater, your home is in danger. 

Sewer Services  

A damaged or broken sewer can be an inconvenience that no one wants to deal with. Fortunately, Dean’s Plumbing has what it takes to clean and repair your sewer. We also offer drain cleaning services in Beavercreek and surrounding communities like Xenia. A sewer that is damaged can make your home smell bad and create sinkholes on your property. These sinkholes are likely to grow larger and become a bigger problem. Before it gets to this stage, give us a call to talk about plumbing services, and let us take care of your sewer. 

Leak Detection 

Leaking water pipes are more common than most people think. Not all leaks are on your kitchen and bathroom sink pipes where they are visible. Most times, leaks cannot be seen because they are hidden or because they are too small to notice. However, these leaks can increase your monthly water bill no matter how small they are. 

Before your water bill gets out of hand and costs you a fortune, give us a call. The good people of Beavercreek trust Dean’s Plumbing to take care of all types of water leaks. Once we have detected that there is a leak, our trained plumbers go on to find the best solution to fix it. This will save you money and eliminate additional problems that water leaks may cause, such as mold and dampness. 

Slab Leak Detection, Repair, and other Plumbing Services

A slab leak can be tricky to deal with if you are not familiar with it. Often difficult to detect, a slab leak occurs when water leaks from a pipe that has been installed inside your foundation. These pipes may be difficult to get to and may cost a lot of money because parts of your walls or flooring may have to be removed. 

If your water meter is running when no water is being used, you likely have a slab leak. An increased water bill may also be an indication that you have a slab leak. Another sign to look out for is visible damage to your walls or floors. Damp spots will appear on walls and ceilings if there is water accumulating. These damp spots may cause mold. 

The damage caused by a slab leak may also be long-term and cause severe damage to the structure of your home and decrease its value. Be sure to hire a professional plumber to find your slab leak and repair it before it gets out of control. 

Whole Home Repiping by A Beavercreek Plumber 

If you live in an old home and your water piping system is constantly giving you problems, your pipes are likely old and need to be replaced. This may sound expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. The cost of repairing water leaks repetitively can add up to a large sum. In addition to that, water leaks may damage other parts of your home.