Our Story

In 1990 Bill Dean was laid off from work multiple times. A friend of Bill and Pamela told them they needed to work for themselves to be able to provide for their large family of 10. Their friend bought them their plumbing license, an ad in the local newspaper, and business cards. With Pamela giving out business cards everywhere she went and Bill going on service calls at all hours of the day and night Dean’s Plumbing was officially started. Dean’s Plumbing didn’t start out with your typically white van full of tools rather Bill would load up all his tools in their little Mazda and head to jobs. Pamela would answer phones and schedule appointments all while homeschooling their 10 children. Bill would take his sons on jobs with him and teach them the plumbing trade. Pamela would teach the daughters about the workings of the office. Over the years the sons have grown up knowing all things plumbing and have taken the lead on jobs and in the company. From one generation to the next we will continue to put our customers first!

–       Bill and Pamela Dean

   Our Vision

At Dean’s Plumbing we always strive to keep our core values of integrity, hard work, and honestly at the base of each service call. We believe by keeping God at the center of our company it helps us best serve our community. Our customers happiness is our single most important focus. We strive each day to offer the best customer service in the industry. We value each of our customers and we exist because of you!

Team Family